Lafta Clinic Present Seriously Joking With Mallam Dagogo

Lafta Clinic Present Seriously Joking With Mallam DagogoLafta Clinic don promise to make this date special for every one wey go dey present for SERIOUSLY JOKING with Mallam Dagogo

If you dey follow comedy wella, you go know say Mallam Dagogo na name wey don dey the Nigeria comedy industry for very long.

Lafta Clinic Present Seriously Joking With Mallam Dagogo


Him don dey on stage with most A list comedians for Nigeria. Na him be the CEO of Lafta Clinic Entertainment wey host Mallam Dagogo and Friends.

Show like this wey him don host make brain wella so as a step higher inside this 2018, him with him team decide to host SERIOUSLY JOKING with Mallam Dagogo and e go hold on March 30th 2018 for West End Event Centre (Former Balumba) wey dey Awka Anambra State.

The event go blast as confirm comedians wey go make you laugh till you tire go dey there live. Remember say na Lafta Clinic you dey come so dey ready to take plenty Lafta medicine and as e no get overdose yawa no dey.

Some of the comedians wey go dey there na Whalemouth, Laffin Gas, Chimaraph, Nzeboi, Yan baba, Angel Gabriel, Prince Neche plus plenty more.

The Gate fee na;

Regular:  N1000
Couple: N5000 (drinks)
Table for 4: N20000 (drinks)
Table for 6: N30000 (drinks)

For your tickets for SERIOUSLY JOKING click HERE

Watch Mallam Dagogo funny performance on Amstel Malta Showtime

As you dey come, bring somebori make e for no loss because only you no go fit laff the laff alone oooo!

You fit link up with Mallam Dagogo on top Social Media via;

Facebook: Mallam dagogo CFR
Twitter: mallamdagogo1
Instagram; mallamdagogo
WhatsApp : 07032649978