#LAA2018: Lagos Achievers Awards And Entertainment Conference


#LAA2018: Lagos Achievers Awards And Entertainment Conference

Lagos Achievers Awards na event wey Triple O Entertainment dey arrange

Them wan host Lagos Achievers Award and Entertainment Conference on 24th June, 2018 for Federal Palace, Lagos.

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The conference go talk about plenty matter that day and the main topic wey them go talk about that day na “Sustaining Entertainment In Globally Competitive Market” as them take explain am for oyibo. That one mean say part of the conference go also talk about the financial, marketing, research & development issue and how to keep entertainment alive and gidigba from obodo Naija to the world.

Triple O Entertainment go host the Lagos Achievers Award and them go recognize and honour top people wey don achieve plenty for Lagos.


The idea wey dey their mind as them dey organize the Awards na to know and recognize plus reward those people, company and group for LAGOS wey be say even blind man don see wetin them don achieve and the deaf man don already hear wetin them achieve and that one mean say their achievement loud gan, no be say blind man really see am or deaf man hear am.

The Award ceremony go also recognize the city best person wey dey the market, service and industry sector too. The final winner go receive the Lagos Achievers Award of the Year with car wey them brand from the award top Sponsor.  The Award ceremony date na 24th June, 2018.