Kim Kardashian Meet With President Trump To Discuss Prison Reform


Kim Kardashian Meet With President Trump To Discuss Prison Reform

Last week, Kim Kardashian meet with President Trump to discuss prison reform. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Now, I know wetin una dey think, because we think like that too. Wetin reality TV star know about prison reform? Talking about Kim here, in case you dey confuse. Truth is, she actually no know about the legal system, but she be huge activist and she like to get things done in a proper way

On Wednesday (May 30), Kim set out on her mission to the White House. Although prison reform na her overall task, her main concern na Alice Marie Johnson, a woman wey dey serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. Kim see the video of Ms. Johnson about seven months ago on Twitter, and something push her to talk.

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In the video, Johnson explain how she don dey in prison for the last 21 years for a first time, for nonviolent drug offense. When she loose her job and means of supporting her family, she dey desperate and turn to a drug ring for some quick cash. Since her incarceration, she loose both of her parents, she also miss the birth of her grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

Like many, Kim see Johnson story and realize say something need to change. Due to her celebrity rank, Kim get larger voice than most, and she decide to put it to use by asking Trump to grant Johnson clemency.