Jewish Brothers Show Kanu Where Torah Write About Igbos (photos)


Some Jewish brothers don prove to Nnamdi Kanu say ‘Igbos’ get Jewish heritage. Them show am where the Torah wey be the central reference of Judaism write about ‘Igbos’. Whether the Igbos get Jewish heritage or not don be one major controversy. Some Jewish brothers visit the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. gather say during the visit, the Jewish faithfuls show Kanu where Torah talk say the Igbo people are truly from Israel. One Facebook user, Chinasa Nworu, wey share the photos write say ‘Mazi’ Nnamdi Kanu dey surprised to see where Igbos dey for the Torah  before the wicked Britain delete am from the English Bible.”
The Jewish faithfuls dey show Nnamdi Kanu say Igbos na Jews
Reacting to this latest ‘discovery’, some people dey happy with the discovery while some other dey criticiseKanu.