Jay Z Blast Meek Mill Sentence, Court System for Dallas Concert

Jay Z Blast Meek Mill SentenceAfter court sentence the 30 year – old rapper to 2-4 years for prison, Jay Z blast Meek Mill sentence, speak up against the court system

Jay-Z condemn the Philadelphia court decision to put Meek Mill for prison because him fail him probation and him also criticize the U.S. court system in general.

All these dey happen for the rapper Dallas concert on Tuesday November 7th. In quote him say;


“I gotta say something about a young man named Meek Mill. He caught a charge, he was about 19, he’s 30 now, he’s been on probation 11 years. Fucking 11 years,” Jay-Z told the audience. “Now he got to do two to four years [for a probation violation] because he got arrested being on a bike popping a fucking wheelie.”

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“This 4:44 album is all about us moving forward, moving past things, and in order for us to move past all the shit that we’re going through we gotta address it. Everyone has to be just as outraged, you can’t look at it as a black or white issue, you have to look at it as a human issue,” Jay-Z said.


“Black people in particular, we gotta get our shit together. You’re not second-class to anybody. We equal to everybody. We deserve everything everyone else gets. Stop selling yourself short.”

“Black people in particular, we gotta get our shit together. You’re not second-class to anybody” PREACH!Β  #444Tour

Watch small part of Jay-Z Dallas speech below:


Other celebrities wey join the support for Meek Mill na actor Kevin Hart, rapper T.I and more.