Interesting Facts About Your Kidney


interesting facts about your kidney

Check these facts about your kidney

As your smartphones dey get update from Apple or Android once in a while, na so your kidney sef dey clean your blood plus balance your body.

And the thing wey even dey there be say you no go fit pee without your kidney. Below na some facts wey you need know.

  1. About 25% of all blood from the heart dey enter the kidney.
  2. Adult kidney dey weigh 142g and na the size of your fist.
  3. The right kidney dey smaller and e dey a little below the left kidney.
  4. The largest kidney stone wey dey record na the size of coconut and e weigh 1.1kg.
  5. Small baby kidney weight dey much if you compare am with the baby weight, the kidney for that stage dey weigh 28g