Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 HousematesSee The Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

After the success of the last TV reality show last year, Big Brother Naija don come back with another of the show wey them title ‘Double Wahala’ and e begin on Sunday Jan 28 2018.

The show kick off with 20 housemates wey go fight for the main prize wey be N45million plus SUV, unlike last year own wey be N25m with SUV.


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The house get people like Vandora, Teddy A, K Bruce, Nina, Miracle, Alex, Princess, DeeOne and Ahneeka.

Other housemates na Rico Swavey, Bito, BamBam, Leo, Khloe, Angel and Ifu-Ennada, Anto, Tobi Bakare, Cee-C and Lolu.

Na Ebuka Obi-Uchendu dey host the show wey go dey show on top Dstv Channel 198 and this na the second time wey him go host am after the show start first for 2006 then come shift till last year own and then ‘Double Wahala’

Musicians, comedians and entrepreneurs na him full for the house as e dey hot and from the little wey don happen, e be like say this year own go sharp.

1. Nina

See The Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates For Down

Nina na from Owerri, and she dey school for Imo State University.

Nina carry her people skill come the House as she say she love make she dey talk, dey gist with people plus she like singing. She say if she be animal, she for be cat with nine lives for all the challenges wey she don go through and overcome.

Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

2. Teddy

Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

Teddy say na only 2 things dey really rock am for life and him say na recording and making music inside studio. He also dey enjoy am if him dey spend quality time with him four-year old son. Him say him be chameleon wey sabi blend enter any society, him join the House because him wan ‘blow’as him talk

Him like Football and na fan of Manchester United.

3. K Brule

Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

K.Brule like studio sessions too and if him no dey studio, him dey play football or make him dey watch movie. After him graduate from music school, him enter university but also drop out when him mumsy dey very ill.

K.Brule na the only son.

Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

4. Vandora

Full List Of Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

Vandora na person wey like food and she also like make she dey talk to people, doing make up and watching TV.

5. Alex

Sandra Asagwa na social butterfly and she love to dance. She be one of the 3 children wey them be.

The 22 year old say she no believe in love based on say person break her heart.

6. Dee One

Dee One na comedian wey say him dey for serious relationship, him also say if him be world leader him go change the poverty mentality wey people dey suffer from.

Him say him go make the house funny as part of wetin him dey bring to The House.

7. Princess

Princess Linda Onyejekwe like to cook, design clothes and partying sometimes. She be geology graduate.

8. Miracle

Him just graduate from aviation school, Miracle enter the House with him pilot license intact. Him dey grateful for everything in life as him know how things hard. Miracle like to dance and camp. Him say him no enter the game for money and say him wan bring confusion where the ladies for the house dey.

9. Ahneeka

She be the middle child of five children, Ahneeka no like where dey quiet and she don promise to disturb the House.

10. Bam Bam

Bam Bam na actress and singer. Oluwabamike “Bambam” Olawunmi join on secret her family. She be native of Ogun state.

She attend film school, wey she use keep hersef busy after her parents divorce. BamBam spirit-animal na the black panther.

11. Rico Swavey

Him say even if him get million dollars him go still dey the House “just to catch the waves”. Rico parents and seven siblings dey support am.

12. Khloe

She like horror movie and she wan bring drama come the house.

13. Angel

Angel Awotarigha na filmmaker and music lover from Bayelsa state.

Him like martial arts, swimming, playing the guitar and video games.

14. Bitto

Youngest of four siblings, Bitto most painful memory na when him mama die when him still small. Bitto like to travel, snap picture, music and movie.

15. Ifu Ennada

Ennada na the work-hard play-hard type wey still remember when she make her first million.

16. Leo

Leo na business man as him take talk when they ask am how far him go go for the game. Him like neatness come hate bad body odour.

17. Tobi Bakre

From Ogun state, Oluwatobi Bakre like photo and football.

Tobi even though say him dey club wella plus him sabi dey online na graduate from the University of Lagos.

18. Lolu

Lolu like to eat, read, travel, play video plus board games.

Him graduate from the University of Ilorin. Him popsy no know say him dey BBNaija but him sister dey very happy about am.

19. Cee-C

Cee-C enter the house with plenty confidence and positive vibes. She like to read novels and learn new things.

20. Anto

Born and raise in US, Anto come back Nigeria for the first time for age 20 and she also say she no get any special talents wey she know of.

And here na where the list end. As the show dey happen we go dey update una!