Four South African Men Appear Before Court For Eating Human Flesh!


Four men have don appear before one South African court as them face charges of say them dey chop human flesh after one of them use him leg enter police station go report himself say him don tire to dey chop human flesh.


Police come question am further and him produce part of a human leg and hand. Police then accompany am back to one house for KwaZulu-Natal where more body parts dey.

According to Police reports, four men, wey two of them be traditional healers, come dey arrested and charged with murder and conspiracy to murder. Them appear for the Estcourt Magistrate Court Monday where police spokesperson say e dey possible say the four young men, age between 22 and 32 years old, na part of a bigger group.

The investigation still dey on as police dey urge people wey their relatives don disappear from the vicinity of Estcourt to come forward and a team of forensic experts don also dey involved as them call them to come identify the remains, as e no dey clear whether the body parts belong to one or several victims.