FG Dey Lie About Boko Haram, Kaduna killings – Fayose


FG Dey Lie About Boko Haram, Kaduna killings - Fayose

Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose na one of the people wey no wan hear the talk wey federal government dey talk say them don defeat Boko Haram, and the one wey they also say them don almost catch people wey get hands for Southern Kaduna killing

Fayose talk say apart from the fact say him na pesin wen dey always tackle government, him don also decide to always talk true.


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Him say make Naija people open eye look things wey dey happen for the obodo make them use am compare those things wey him don tallk before.

The governor on Tuesday January 17 tell journalists say him no want make them dey see am as opposition figure but as man wey dey tell Nigerians truth. Say make they carry all him talk put side by side make they come compare am to things wey don happen and things wey dey still happen them go see say him no dey yarn opata.

Meanwhile APC don blame Governor Fayose for the death of one civil servant wey kill himself because say him never receive him salary.

Afolayan, a grade Level 12 officer for the office of the state accountant general and final year law student of the Ekiti state University, Ado-Ekiti, hang himself for him Olorunda area home for Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, last Thursday, January 12 because say him dey owe plenty money and him never get him salary.