Female Corps Member Allegedly Pregnant For Governor

As be say na our hobby to dey bring una tori wey dey happen as e dey happen, Ameboupdate bring una this report say e get this particular state governor wey don carry load give one female corps member wey dey serve for him state. According to our source Kigali Akuko wey report the story and hi, no call anybody name, the female corper dey serve for the government house. As e dey always be, one thing lead to another she come get belle. She allegedly fly go abroad and some source dey even say she don born twins. What a way to serve the country! Read how KGA take report the story below: “This gist go show you the Gateway if you read am properly because the whisper dey so strong and all over, you no fit miss am. The governor of the state don impregnate a Corp member wey dey serve for the state according to rumour mongers oh.
“This Corps member according to amebo source follow for either batch B or C of the present batch and while some say the particular governors office na her PPA, others dey whisper say the Corps members father na the governor paddy and that na how them meet and why the governor no go mess her up. “The lady allegedly fly go abroad but at the moment e no dey confirmed. This gist dey as light as leggings on a very cold day and abeg do ear and eye like say you no read or hear anything. The governor dey very dark skinned and him dey always wear funny cap. “The beginning of him last name sound like wetin belongs to man from Eastern Nigeria……The Opposite of this na ”Otu Nne gi”. I no fit mention names abeg because i no dey ”za oza room with zem”. “And abeg take note say i no give you CLUE here wey refer to any gov oh…This na just tips until the story (If any)break out and if not, Nollywo*d fit use am produce movie, issoryt. For those wey fit decode the ‘Gateway’, good luck!
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