DMX Back To Jail After Him Fail Drug Test

DMX Back To Jail After Him Fail Drug TestRapper DMX dey go back to jail after him don fail him drug test when him suppose dey complete him rehab

X as some people dey call am still get court case wey him never settle based on say him dey avoid to pay tax but that one sef na small thing.

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The koko be say him test positive to some hard drugs when him suppose dey rehab dey recover based on wetin TMZ report

And na because of this positive test the judge reason am say this man fit gbaga if them no put am for jail back since him still get plenty yawa wey him never sort out.

Them been even allow dey go perform for shows when him been dey rehab but with how things don turn out the court decide say na to put am back behind bars be the best choice wey them get.

DMX Back To Jail After Him Fail Drug Test
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The people wey dey bring the case against am say for the video wey them get where DMX dey preach for one St. Louis airport bar, them see am where him buy alcohol, still buy for person join and everything dey against the bail agreement wey him accept before them release am.

Him manager Murray Richman say him go do him best to carry am enter rehab again