Dey Just Deport Drake Baby Mama From U.S.A. …She Go Return After 5yrs


Drake Baby Mama has been deported from U.S.A.

We just hear say immigration don deport hip hop star and Toronto rapper Drake baby mama Sophie Brusseax from the United States – and she no fit go back till at least after five years

Sophie former agent break the news. Here na wetin him write;


I haven’t spoken to Sophie since she got deported.

I’m not airing out anyone’s personal sexual dirt. [Sophie] asked me to make her famous enough to sell her art and get on reality TV. Since she had a master’s degree and came here with a nanny visa from France I figured why not help her. It was strictly business.

Sophie NEVER did porn.. She was facing deportation and needed to make some cash. The [videograoher] lied to her about not showing the nudity during the vixen video and illegally made a soft porn video.

I will NOT say anything bad about her personally. Yes I put her in the industry. Yes I named her.

Lastly this Industry has MANY secrets. Let her and Drake be.

According to current law, any person wey dem deport from U.S.A. no go fit apply for a new immigrant visa, non immigrant visa, adjustment of status and other admission to U.S without some legal restriction.

For starters, the person no go return for a period of time (five, ten, or 20 years) before applying for reentry. With President Trump new policy on CHILDREN of immigrants, e no clear if Drake son go fit enter the US too.

So Drake no go see him baby mama and son soon except him travel.