Da L.E.S Post The Funniest Throwback Pics


Da L.E.S Post The Funniest Throwback Pics

Una fit just know DA L.E.S from him music, sharp Instagram post and him popular white party

But back to the days when him never blow and thos pom-pom never dey him name (we all know say na packaging…lol), the SA celeb na regular person for club.

For the pic wey him post, him dey behind DJ dey shayo and the funny thing be say na straw him use dey drink champagne from bottle.

Da L.E.S Sample “Ballers Freestyle” Music Video Ft Tellaman & A-Reece

The DJ na Milkshake and him carry different hairstyle that time. L.E.S post this throwback from ten years ago and him even laugh at the pics.


Him post say;

“Bottles at 88, 10 years ago we were popping champagne and drinking it out of a straw. Don’t know why? We were jiggy & stingy at the same time. We still do shit different today. @djmilkshake and I rocked a crowd without even looking at each other. We working on something proper trust me. 10 more years to come. 📸 THUNDA. COM?”