Cultist Attack University Of Calabar Lecturer, Joseph Odok | Photo


Some boys wey them suspect say them be cultists attack Joseph Odok, a lawyer, a social crusader and a lecturer for the University of Calabar on Monday, September 4, 2017.

Them cut am with machete and other weapons during the attack come leave with too much injury.  Him dey currently collect treatment for one hospital wey dey Calabar.

Before the attack, him last post for Facebook na, ‘People keep talking of Senator Gershom Bassey moving so many motions. I watch plenary and hardly see him talk, are Sen Gershom Bassey’s motions moved off camera? So much media can hide the truth. I challenge Sen Gershom Bassey’s aides to provide us with video clips of the much talked about Sen Gershom Bassey’s motions. We are not giving up in engaging our leaders. We kept quite and we were deceived by media hype when so much rot bedeviled Cross River State water board and can’t repeat same mistakes again’.