Court Postpone Racism Case Against Estate agent Vicki Momberg

Court Postpone Racism Case Against Estate agent Vicki MombergCourt don shift the case against Vicki Momberg, a former real estate agent where she insult a black police officer to March 16.

Prosecutor Yusuf Baba tell Magistrate Pravina Rugoonandan say the two parties been agree to reason the case by next Wednesday so that them go fit sentence Momberg on March 16.

Before them shift am, probation officer Daphne Naidoo read out pre-sentence report so that the court go fit determine the correct sentence for Momberg.

Momberg for interviews wey she do with Naidoo, say she been think say the “k-word” na ordinary swear word.

The court hear say Momberg according to reports, insult one black probation officer for one interview to the extent say the officer gaz recuse herself from the case.

Momberg tell Naidoo in quote say;

“They should not take it personally, unless they feel or believe they are what they are being called.”

For her own reasoning, Naidoo say e no go good if court sentence Momberg on long term imprisonment, instead make them make am short term wey no go dey less than 100 hours and not more than 2000 hours.