Conor McGregor Rub Mayweather Head, Mayweather Call Am F*ggot


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The final Mayweather-McGregor press conference no end well at all. The two still dey fire shots at each other.


The press conference take place in London, McGregor first collect mic and begin with shifting him focus on Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor first dey walk behind Floyd rubbing his head saying “I’m so happy you took that hat off. I gotta say. What the f*ck were you hiding under that thing. That little f*cking peanut head.”

“The bullsh*t is now over. Six weeks, I’m gonna sleep this fool. I’mma sleep him. I’mma bounce his head off the canvas,” he added, before throwing the mic into the air and taking his seat”.

When e reach Mayweather turn, him say “The UFC ain’t bought you sh*t bitch. You punk, you f*ggot, you hoe,” Mayweather said”.

Mayweather later call UFC President Dana White McGregor’s pimp. Him talk say Dana dey make money off McGregor’s head, him say  “Dana, you ain’t gotta wear no suit. I ain’t gotta wear no suit. Me and you got the most money,” Floyd said. “Keep pimping this bitch. 21 years ago, me and you had a game plan. We the smart ones, when it’s all said and done. We gonna take these fighters and we know how to use it. You running with a quitter? I forgot, you a pimp and this your hoe.”

“I’mma knock you the f*ck out,” he later declared”.

Nawa o! Mayweather and McGregor go enter ring on August 26.