Cassper Reply Haters About Him BET Lose


Cassper Reply Haters About Him BET Lose

The bigger an artist, the more love and at the same time hate the artist go dey get and Cassper Nyovest dey face the same issue

The SA hip hop star recently attend the BET Awards where him hope say him go win the award for Best International Act.

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After Cassper lose the award to Davido and Sjava win in the category where him get nomination, plenty SA Hip Hop fans compare the two and dem say Sjava no even campaign much for the award like Cassper.

One of the rapper fans express him anger about the amount of hate the hip hop star dey get.


Cassper reply the tweet;

“I don’t blame them bro. We are the oppressed. Our minds are fucked Up. This shit is very very deep. It’s gonna take a while till we even understand why we hate each other so much. It’s Programmed in us. Until then, thina we teach and inspire those who want to learn. Push through!.”

Another hater reply Cassper tweet about World Cup when him say nobody fit predict am.