Barrow Pusher Bag 1 Year For Jail For Indian Hemp Dealing


Indian Hemp

The Federal High Court for Lagos, on Wednesday, sentence one 30-year-old wheel barrow pusher, Ibrahim Suraja go 12 months imprison sake of say him them nab am with 500g of Cannabis Sativa (Indian Hemp).


Na National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) carry am go court after them catch am and him plead guilty.

After him plea, the prosecution counsel, Mr Jeremiah Aernan, review the facts of the case before the court come say make them convict Suraja.

Aernan tender as evidence, confessional statement wey the convict write, scientific aid form, a test analysis form, and the Indian hemp wey NDLEA seize.

The court admit and mark the pieces of evidence as exhibits.

For her judgment, Justice Rabiu Shagari, say the convict dey guilty of the offence as them charge am,  come sentence am to 12 months imprisonment, beginning from the date of him arrest.

For the charge, the prosecution say the convict commit the offence on May 12, for one filling station wey dey Ikeja, Lagos.

Aernan say NDLEA nab the convict with 500g of Indian hemp, wey be restricted narcotic wey dey similar to heroine LSD (one of the most potent, chemicals wey dey change person mood).

The offence, say, the convict go against the provisions of sections 11(c) of the NDLEA Act, Laws of the Federation, 2004.

During allocutus (plea for mercy) the convict, wey no get any lawyer wey represent am, beg the court make them show am mercy.

Him promise to change if them pity am.