“Avengers Infinity War” Don Sell $1Billion Worldwide


"Avengers Infinity War" Don Sell $1Billion Worldwide

Just 9 days wey after Avenger Infinity Wars drop, e don sell reach $1billion

According to Deadline, Infinity War reach $905.1million in worldwide sale last Thursday (May 3) and now e don reach $1billion. And as far as movie dey concern, Avengers Infinity War na the quickest wey any movie fit reach for box office.

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On Thursday (May 3) Russia make $4.9million in the movie opening and na him be the country’s biggest debut of all time because dem sell more than 1million in a single day. Other countries wey dey top for international box office na UK because dem make ($53.7million), Korea make ($53.1million), Mexico ($39.9million), Brazil ($33.5million) and India ($30.9million). Dem go still premiere the movie in China by next week and e go surely boost the number of sale.

Marvel’s Black Panther still remain $1.3billion and na him be highest for global ratings and e still dey possible say Avengers Infinity War fit pass am after sales.