American Rapper Rick Ross On Life Support

American Rapper Rick Ross On Life SupportAccording to report by TMZ American rapper Rick Ross dey on life support

Popular American rapper, Rick Ross according to reports wey we get dey survive under life based on say him heart and lungs no dey funtion well.

Them carry Ross go hospital early Thursday morning after police and emergency team see am inside him Florida home where him dey unconscious.

As we come find out more, na ambulance carry the 42-year-old native of Florida go one hospital for Miami where him dey collect treatment for breathing issues.

According to him history, Ross been don dey get some kind seizures, and one good Samaritan wey hala 911 on top phone say Ross just dey nod him head like Agama when him see am before him call police.

As TMZ take report, Ross dey collect treatment for the hospital cardiac unit.

Rick Ross dey receive treatment with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), and na the kain life support wey them go mix blood and oxygen outside of the body before them go pump am back enter the body.