All The Code Names Army Don Use Since Buhari Regime

President Muhammadu Buhari and Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai

For military, code name before an operation na everything sometimes.

Army Chiefs sometimes sit over beer and cigarettes for officers’ mess to take derive code names.


Like every army in the world, the Nigerian army dey use code names take signal say them don ready for an operation.

The latest army operation for the Southeast get code-name “Operation Python Dance II”.
Nigerian Army wan strike like python

If you reason Python wey dey dance, this na very strange name the army fit come up with as e dey seek to subdue criminal activities, secession and kidnapping for that part of the country.

‘Crocodile Smile’ na also another code for Nigerian military circles.

Since President Muhammadu Buhari regime wey start in May 2015, the army don also dig up some strange code names as them continue to protect the nation territoriy.
Buhari’s service chiefs

See some of them below;

1. Operation Lafiya Dole:

This code name mean ‘Peace by all means’ for Hausa.

Operation Lafiya Dole na army code name for the war on terror in Nigeria northeast.
Chief of Army Staff Tukur Buratai

Na Chief of Army Staff, Major General Tukur Buratai launch am for July 2015 as replacement for “Operation Zaman Lafiya” (Let’s live in peace).

2. Operation Sharan Daji:

This operation kick off for July 2015 to tackle incidents where livestock dey miss with armed men wey dey thief them for the Northwest region of Nigeria.

3. Operation Awatse:

This one launch for the Southwest to tackle militants and vandalisation of oil installations around the Arepo, Ishawo and Elepete creeks for Lagos and Ogun States.

Awatse mean “scatter” for Hausa.

Army Chiefs

Operation Awatse na combined team from the Airforce and Navy with plenty of support from army boots on ground.

4. Operation Shirin Harbi:

Launch in 2015 to restore calm in Bauchi and Gombe States.

Shirin Harbi also dey useful as the military use am gather killers for Southern Kaduna.

5. Harbin Kunama I:

This na as military respond to cattle stealing and armed men for the Dansadau Forest of Zamfara State and the surroundings.

Harbin Kunama translates to “sting of a Scorpion” in Hausa.

Na Northwest operation wey launch in 2015.

6. Crocodile Smile I:

This na South-South operation wey begin in August 2015.

The aim na to improve the effect of army operation for the creeks and stop the activities of oil thieves and militants wey dey destroy the area.

This operation na to tackle Niger Delta militants wey dey cripple Nigeria oil installations.

7. Python Dance I:

A Southeast operation with Anambra State as the base.

Python Dance I last over a month and the objective na to reduce robbery, kidnapping and cultism for Anambra.

8. Harbin Kunama II:

Northwest and North central operation wey launch for July 2017.
Military chiefs meet Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

The aim dey similar to Harbin Kunama I—deal with Cattle stealing, armed banditry and clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

9. Operation Dokaji:

Another Northwest and North central drill with similar objectives like Harbin Kunama.

Launch for July 2017.

Operation Egwu Eke (aka Python Dance II):

Ongoing operation with the mandate to check kidnapping, robbery, cultism and for Southeast Nigeria.

Abia State na the operational base.

Python Dance II go last a month.

10. If you reside in South South and Southwest Nigeria, be on the lookout for Crocodile smile II in October 2017.