Albert Einstein: Facts About Him


Facts About Albert Einstein

facts about albert einstein

If you ask person make him name scientists wey he know, i dey very sure say Albert Einstein name go dey there based on say him do things wey be say if you dey talk science history, you no go fit miss him name.


Check some of the facts wey we gather about the Scientist legend.

  1. Einstein mama dey very worried about her son head wey dey too big as at that time but as him begin grow, e come back to normal.
  2. Einstein marry him cousin, him second wife Elsa na actually him first cousin and her middle name sef na Einstein.
  3. Einstein like the violin and him claim say if him no be scientist, say na musician him for be as him dey see all him life from music aspect.
  4. Einstein no get good memory, him dey forget faces, names and dates sometimes.
  5. Einstein violin name na Lina.
  6. During the scientists 70’s, one parrot wey dey depressed na the focus of him interest as him go just sidown dey tell the parrot jokes to make am happy.
  7. Them born Einstein 14th March 1879 inside Ulm, Wuttermberg, Germany.
  8. Einstein like to smoke, him dey always smoke pipe and him claim say e dey help calm and focus any man.
  9. Albert don sabi calculus wella at age of 15.
  10. Though we dey remember Einstein for his work with relativity, him receive him Nobel Prize for his work with Photoelectric effect.