[A Must Read] Shey You Know? 5 Types Of Enemies Wey We All Get


Haters na one of the most abused words today, especially on top social media.

But that one no mean say haters no dey exist, we all get someone wey we no like or people wey no like us.

Ameboupdate.com don summarize these people wey we no like or people wey no like us put for these categories, here na the various types.

1. The Virtual Enemy

Since social media don turn wetin e be now, we get haters there too wey be say no matter wetin you post, them go get something negative to say about am.

These people go point out your mistakes and them go counter all your ideas simply because them no like you. And na usually people wey you never even meet for real life.

2. Bad Customer Service Enemy

Make we  face the fact, we all get that one company wey spoil our services so badly we hate them with passion even though we no still no ditch them, we continue to complain about their bad services. Usually the Telcoms.

3. Enemies By Association

E dey always get that one person wey you no like, no be because them actually be your enemy but because them be enemy to your best friend or relative.

You hate them because your friend or relative no like them.

4. Family Enemies

We all still get that one aunt, cousin, uncle or distant relative we hate with a passion, or atleast we no dey enjoy their presence because of their behavior or something your parents don reason you about them.

5. Frenemies

E dey always get that enemy wey be your best friend one time like that but because them betray your loyalty, una turn enemies.

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