8 Things Wey Your Mind & Body Dey Do As You Dey Sleep


You surely know say your body need better sleep for at least 7-8 hours for your system to funstion well and good health but most of us fit no know these 8 things wey dey go on for our body as we dey sleep. Continue to read this article to find out more.

  • Your body temperature dey drop wella

As you sleep, your body temperature dey drop so e go fit reduce the rate wey e take dey burn calories and release melatonin. Melatonin na hormone wey dey play key role for your body clock wey scientists dey call Circadian Rhythm.

  • Your body dey clear toxins

When you dey sleep, the body dey filter toxins and e dey clear damaged molecules. This process dey help make body dey fresher and younger and if you no sleep well, the brain fit no dey able to purge toxins and e fit lead to brain yawa.

  • You lose weight

Through out the night you lose weight and you breathe out humid air and from the water wey you also lose as you sweat. As be say na sleep you dey sleep, you no dey chop anything wey go make this process hard. Your go fit fight off the craving for junk food if you sleep well for night. Your body dey regulate hunger hormone too if you dey sleep.

  • You dream

Everybody know say the mind dey create dreams for night and how much time we spend as we dey sleep go surprise you as most of us dey spend 2 hours dey dream every night.

  • You grow taller

Your body dey actually experience increase in height as you sleep because when you actually lie down to sleep, the discs for your spine dey decompress and rehydrate and this one dey make am bigger and in turn e dey boost your height small.

  • You fit jerk out of control

Whether you sleep alone or with a partner, when you fall asleep, your muscles dey contract and e fit make you jerk out of your own control and most times you go wake up if this thing happen.

  • Your skin go boost

Your body dey produce collagen wey be say na protein wey dey contribute to youthful and healthy skin and this process dey take place as you dey sleep. Higher level of collagen dey promote vibrant skin.

  • You wake up – often

As we dey sleep, we dey always wake up for intervals – say 15 times each hour and e dey always happen when we dey shift to different stage of sleep. The period wey we dey awake dey too short to extent wey be say we no dey remember am.

  • Final thought

To get adequate amount of sleep dey very important for good health and to get better sleep every night e dey necessary say you avoid caffeine when your bedtime don dey reach.

Now wey you don know this, dey sleep wella!