6 Signs Your Man Never Mature


6 Signs Your Man Never MatureAt one time or another we go don meet people wey be say them don advance for age but dey behave like pikin or some young people wey dey act like elder

Today we wan reason the way wey some men dey handle matter wey dey happen for their family as be say no two people go handle one matter the same way.

See some of the ways wey you fit know man wey never matter;

Man wey never mature go reject food: Some kind husband go drop money for food but them no go chop the food if him wife serve am just because say him get issue with her.

So instead make him reason things with him wife, him go just go dey chop another woman own and na like that things take dey spoil.

6 Signs Your Man Never Mature

You go dey remind your wife say na you be the head every time: The way some men dey announce say na them be the head of the family you go think say something else dey am.

Go threaten to marry second wife: Men wey be say dey threaten their wife say them go marry second wife never mature. Any small thing na to begin para say you go just go bring another woman come house… Oga stop am.

Dey always report your wife to friends and family:  Instead make him handle matter like man, the first thing wey him go do na to begin call people dey report him wife give them.

6 Signs Your Man Never Mature

Malice: Some men go do reach where them go begin dodge to follow their wife talk and na very big sign say them still never mature.

Go dey talk her down: Instead make him make him wife feel like a queen, him go dey busy dey talk to her like say she no be anything but when him mate challenge am, he go cold.

With this list, i believe say you don know some signs wey be say once you notice am, na to avoid am.

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