5 Top Technology Rivals Of Our Time


5 top tech rivals of our timeAs technology dey improve, we bring una 5 top technology rivals of our time

The competition between founders and CEOs of the most valuable technology companies no start today.

But we go consider from the 80s and 90s then enter the millenium years. Some go say the competition dey ok for the industry and some go say e no really matter.


These na 5 tech rivalries of our time wey dey for record.

Jack Dorsey (Twitter) vs Kevin Systrom (Instagram)

5 Top Technology Rivals Of Our Time

Jack and him Twitter team don reason to buy Instagram for $500million but Instagram owner Kevin Systrom get other plans. Plenty Silicon Valley investors also get interest to buy the network wey don make am easy to dey share image but Systrom sell am give Facebook Zuckerberg.

Dorsey later find out from employee for work say Zuckerberg don seal the deal with Systrom for more than $730million in cash and stock.

Since that day Jack no dey good terms with Kevin Systrom even between Dorsey and Zuckerberg.

Michael Dell (Dell) vs Steve Jobs (Apple)

5 Top Technology Rivalries Of Our Time

This one na direct tackle to Michael Dell wey talk for press say make Apple ‘close shop’ as the company no dey do well financially for the time.

Dell say if him be Apple CEO “he would shut it down and give the money back to shareholders,”

Steve Jobs in 1997 when him dey adress Apple employees about the state of the company talk him mind sayhim feel say wetin Michael talk dey very rude.

Jobs later showcase ad wey Muhammed Ali lead take tell Michael say Apple dey come for Dell.

Steve Jobs (Apple) vs Bill Gates (Microsoft)

5 Top Technology Rivalries Of Our Time

Jobs and Gates sef get their fair share of ‘corporate wars’ and e no hard to see why. Bill Gates’ Microsoft dey boom wella and him hold all PC users for work. Almost every one dey use Windows Operating system on top their PC.

But Jobs wey be say him na more of a design specialist insult Bill Gates come say him na “boring” person with “no taste,” wey no invent anything but dey shamelessly use other people ideas.”

Evan Spiegel (Snapchat) vs Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

5 Top Technology Rivalries Of Our TimeThe Facebook CEO do nice job as him clone Spiegel Snapchat and naturally e suppose cause some kind wahala between the two.

Him even try buy Spiegel Snapchat but the Snapchat boss no gree.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) vs Larry Page/Sergey Brin (Google/YouTube)

5 Top Technology Rivalries Of Our Time

The competition dey grow hot, even sef Google invest in Facebook rival Snapchat.