5 Facts About Watermelon


facts about watermelonNext time wey you buy the big fruit, remember these 5 facts about watermelon
  1. The most expensive watermelon wey don sell for history na Dansuke and e sell for the huge price of $6300 and na one of the first wey them harvest for Hokkaido.
  2. Across Asia, them no dey take watermelon play, especially the seed play as be say e dey very important if them dey celebrate their national holidays.
  3. You fit still chop watermelon after months, if you keep am for the right condition.
  4. Watermelon contain 91% water wey be the same level with the one wey dey human brain.
  5. Watermelon dey very medicinal as e dey improve eyesight and the health of the eyes as e contain high level of Vitamin A. E dey reduce chance wey you fit take get cancer.