5 Facts About Foxes


15 Fascinating Facts About Foxes

The argument whether Fox na cat or dog family don dey go on for long. But without too much yarn, here na facts about Fox wey you suppose know:


  1. Most Fox species na lone wolves, them dey hunt and live alone but if them begin raise their young ones, them dey live for underground burrows.
  2. If foxes dey together you go call them ‘leash’ or ‘skulk’ of fox.
  3. Even though foxes dey related to wolves, jackals and dogs, them get more in common with cats sake of say them dey dey active for nights and them dey use their vertical pupils take see for dark as them dey find their prey. They also get whiskers and claws wey fit enter their finger back.
  4. As be say we dey talk of whiskers, them also get am for their legs and e dey help them get their bearing especially for night.
  5. Foxes fit run 45 miles per hours (72km/hr) and them be one of the fastest animals on earth.