3 Young Women Appear For Court Sake Of Say Them Rape One Pastor, Check Out Their Reason


Three young women don appear before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube this week after them dey arrested sake of say them dey accused say them rape one pastor for one local church wey dey Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
The suspects, Sandra Ncube,21, Riamuhetsi Mlauzi, 23 and Mongiwe Mpofu, 25 wey dey stay for the same house inside Cowdray Park suburb, dey charged with high personal assault. Them still dey for custody till August 7 before trial go continue.
Prosecutor, Mr Petros Shoko say the complainant go the women’s house on July 14, 2017 go ask for him money wey Mlauzi dey owe am.
The court hear say the women welcome the pastor wey be the complainant enter the house before Ncube hold am for him waist come begin dey totori him private parts.
Them force am lie down for bed come undress am. Ncube sidown on top him chest and na then the pastor try push her away. But Mlauzi, wey dey the same room, hold him legs together come sidown on top am, according to Mr Shoko.
Mpofu, wey dey another room, carry condoms come wear the pastor and she then help hold the complainant down as him come dey struggle to free himself.
Ncube come get sexual intercourse with the complainant once, without him approval.
During trial, the three women deny the charge say no be rape but them admit say them maltreat the pastor.
According to Ncube in quote, “We were just playing around Your Worship. I did not think that he would take it seriously”.
Mpofu deny say she no dey part of the whole matter based on say she just carry condoms go give them when she hear her name.
According to her too in quote, “I was not part of it. They just called me to bring condoms. We keep condoms around the house and there were some in my room, so I just brought them”.
Mlauzi say she just wan treat the pastor fuckup based on say him dey always enter where she dey bath anyhow.
And according to her, “He always walks in on me bathing and claims to be unmoved as a man of God. I just wanted to see if he was going to be aroused or not. I did not plan to execute the whole rape thing, Your Worship.”
The Magistrate come ask Mlauzi wetin she aim to gain from the attack, and them talk say them just wan prove to the pastor say him get feelings like everybody else.
Source: The Chronicle