10 Facts Wey Go Blow Your Mind


Here Ameboupdate bring you 10 facts wey you suppose know. Check them below;

  • Australia get about 10,000 beaches, you fit dey actually visit one new beach everyday for the next 27 years.
  • Na Nicholas Cage be the first person wey really advice Johnny Deep to take up career for acting.
  • The national animal for Scotland na Unicorn.
  • E get Island for Bahamas where person no dey stay, na only swimming pigs dey stay there and the name na Pig beach.
  • For 2002 alone, dog kill more people for U.S pass wetin shark don kill for the past 100 years.
  • E get one time wey Justin Bieber hold up one board wey him write “Go to McDonalds and get me a Big Mac,” him get the Big Mac.
  • American college Massachusetts Institute of Technology dey consider students wey dey study course like Pistol Marksmanship, Archery, Sailing and Fencing as certified ‘Pirates’.
  • For 1969 one musician wey him name na Jim Sullivan record one album wey him call U.F.O and e feature lyrics where him dey talk how him take leave him family and aliens kidnap am. Six years later him disappear without any trace, the only piece of evidence na him abandoned car wey them see for desert road.
  • Na Christine McCallum from Bakewell, Australia grow the largest pineapple wey dey world record today and the pineapple dey measure 32cm long, come dey weigh 8.28kg.
  • Surgeons wey dey play video games at least 3 hours a week dey perform 27% faster and them dey make 37% fewer errors.