10 Facts About Chocolate

10 Facts About ChocolateGo through these 10 facts about chocolate

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  1. Na Joseph Fry invent the first chocolate bar in 1847.
  2. The chocolate industry dey worth over $110 billion per year.
  3. Irish botanist Sir Hans Sloane mix the first chocolate milk for Jamaica in early 1700s.
  4. Chocolate milk dey good to take after workout to take recover.
  5. Americans dey buy 26million+ kg of chocolate on Valentine Day and that na like 5% of the yearly sales.
  6. One study wey them conduct for London in 2004 show say 70% of people go give out their password for one bar of chocolate.
  7. The largest chocolate bar ever weigh 5,792 kg and na for UK them make am to take celebrate Thorton 100th birthday.
  8. The International Cocoa Organization say the average Brit, Swiss or German dey eat 11kg of chocolate every year.
  9. More than two-third of the world cocoa dey grow for Africa and Cote D’ivoire alone dey produce 33% of the world supply.
  10. Darker chocolate get as much caffeine as one can of Cocacola.